Congress Suggests Better Use for New Parliament Building Dubbed ‘Modi Multiplex’

The new parliament building, which has been dubed ‘Modi Multiplex' by Congress, has sparked controversy and suggestions for better use. While the government has hailed the modern design and advanced technology of the building, the opposition party has criticized the extravagant expense and suggested alternative uses for the structure.

Congress members argue that the government should have focused on more pressing issues such as healthcare, education, and poverty alleviation, instead of investing such a significant amount of money in a new parliament building. They believe that the funds could have been better utilized to improve the lives of the people.

The ‘Modi Multiplex' has been described as a symbol of excess and opulence by the opposition. Congress suggests that the building could have been converted into a state-of-the-art hospital or a world-class educational institution.

The party claims that India is in dire need of better healthcare facilities and educational opportunities, especially in rural areas. By repurposing the new parliament building, the government could have addressed these critical issues and made a lasting impact on the lives of the citizens.

Congress also argues that the current parliament building, which holds historical significance, could have been preserved and renovated instead of constructing an entirely new structure. They believe that preserving heritage buildings is essential to honor the country's history and maintain a connection with the past.

While the government asserts that the new parliament building is a symbol of progress and development, critics argue that it represents misplaced priorities. They question the need for such a lavish structure when there are pressing issues that require immediate attention and funding.

However, supporters of the government argue that the new parliament building reflects India's aspirations to be a global leader. They believe that the modern design and advanced technology of the building will enhance the functioning of the legislative body and showcase the country's progress on an international level.

As the debate continues, it is clear that the ‘Modi Multiplex' has become a symbol of the contrasting opinions regarding the government's priorities. While some see it as a symbol of progress and development, others view it as a missed opportunity to address crucial issues.

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